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Posted: May 2, 2020

Moving to a Senior Community During COVID can be a Good Option

Moving into a senior living community is a big step—settling into a new place, making new friends. With all that’s going on in our world right now, it might seem best to stay in your current house for the time being. But there are actually a number of reasons why moving to a community can be the better option, especially right now.

Betsy Hadley joined our community in mid-January. Even though she spent two weeks of her March in the Middle East and the two after quarantining in her Holly Creek apartment, Betsy couldn’t be happier with her move.

“I have seen so many people wait until it’s too late, and then you have to go to a nursing home and not a community like this,” she explained. “All it takes is one misfortune. I have seen how quickly your physical condition can change. I wanted to make my own decisions, make friends and be active in the community.”

She’s only 71, but Betsy’s glad she didn’t wait particularly because COVID-19 has become such a widespread concern.

“When all this COVID-19 started, a lot of the things that I wanted, I could still do without having to worry about the lawn and the roof and the shoveling,” Betsy shared. In addition, she has been very pleased with the quality and ease of the community’s dining options, especially at a time when trips to the store can be difficult and items hard to find.

“I had the meal delivery service, and it was great when I was quarantined,” she added. “They were here when they said they would be, I got what I ordered, and it was hot and tasty. Now I go down myself and get a balanced meal here with fruits and veggies. Whereas if I was home, I would probably eat a PB&J or a Marie Callender frozen meal.”

Overall, Betsy is grateful for Holly Creek’s safety measures, while at the same time being in a community that also provides for her emotional and mental wellbeing.

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“They have done a very good job of communications and being up-front about everything that’s going on. If you need something done, the crew is really responsive. The front desk is far more helpful than I even anticipated. At the same time, the residents are ready and willing to offer their ironing boards or whatever you need. They want to visit and talk and just get to know you, but without being intrusive.”

Betsy is finding new ways to give back herself, volunteering and helping others outside her community while still socially distancing. She joined the work of Holly Creek’s knitting group, Needles and Threads, and helped form a committee to water the community plants in absence of their regular caretaker. She even shared some new ideas that could help those on her floor stay more connected while keeping them safe during this time of isolation.

After all, it is for these very reasons that community—and Holly Creek Community—exists: to care for each other, and do it well.

In Betsy’s own words, “There are seniors here living lives of intelligence and enthusiasm—and that makes all the difference.”

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