Meet Holly Creek’s High-Tech Helpers – Hospitality Robots Curly, Larry & Moe

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Posted: August 11, 2022

Colorado is known to be a high-tech state, and Holly Creek Life Plan Community, which embraces Colorado’s active lifestyle, is a high-tech community. A case in point are the three new ‘employees’ now assisting the service staff in the community’s fine dining restaurant The Centennials.

Like many resorts and service industry businesses throughout the state, Holly Creek has faced staffing issues, so it took an outside the box approach to help solve that problem. The community started using food-running robots which assist with delivering culinary delights created by our chefs and bussing tables once dining is done.

Director of Hospitality Brooke-Lynn Jeffries, who was recently featured in KDVR FOX31 and Channel 2 stories about these server robots, explains. “Christian Living Communities approached our dining service staffing shortages in a creative and cost-effective way–by leasing hospitality robots to assist our servers.”

Watch the Channel 2 segment below:

According to Jeffries, CLC worked with Bear Robotics out of California to lease three hospitality robots, which residents named Larry, Moe and Curly. These robots are no stooges, however.

In the FOX31 story, residents Barbie and Pete Jenkins asked reporter Dan Daru if he was impressed by Larry, Moe and Curly after they delivered fresh fruit and homemade pastries to reporter. His response was an enthusiastic “Yes!” They also reminded Dan how they provide much-needed assistance to dining service team members, without taking anyone’s job away.

KDVR captures the Holly Creek hospitality robots in motion on the job
KDVR captures the Holly Creek robots in motion on the job

Next time you visit our community, don’t be surprised to see the three robots in action. But don’t worry, they’re programmed to talk to each other and avoid any obstacles in their way. At Holly Creek, the future is now.

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