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How Much Does Senior Living Cost?

Senior Living Pricing at Holly Creek

How much does senior living cost? It’s one of the most common questions we get at Holly Creek. While it can be tough to put a number on your quality of life, we know that the cost of living is one of the most important factors when choosing a senior living community. But once you think about all the benefits and amenities, it might be more affordable than you think.

Plus, you’ll get added peace of mind knowing that if you outgrow your financial resources through no fault of your own, our Life Care contract guarantees you access to the care you need. You’ll get to stay at your new home with your friends and family should your health unexpectedly change.

Staying at Home vs. The Cost of Senior Living

Making the decision to move into a senior living community is a big deal. And it’s natural to wonder if it would be more cost effective to stay at home. But the truth is once you add up the cost of rent/mortgage, utilities, transportation, groceries and other household expenses, staying at home might be more expensive than you think.

Entrance Fees

At Holly Creek, you pay a one-time entry fee that is based on the type and size of the senior living option you choose. However, 90% of this fee is refundable to you or your estate when you leave Holly Creek.

Monthly Fees

Your monthly fee is used to cover your cost of living expense (except for your telephone and internet expenses). Your contract will also give you access to 10 respite days for a higher level of care per year per person while you are in independent living, on-going case management services, and a 10% discount on monthly fees (based on current market rate) if you move to assisted living, memory care or skilled nursing care. To qualify you must be 62 years of age or older, undergo a health review and submit a financial application.

Example Senior Living Entrance and Monthly Fees

Independent Living

Entrance Fees Starting at:Monthly Fees Starting at:
One Bedroom$275,200$3,920
Two Bedroom with Den$527,000$6,460
Two Bedroom$391,100$4,690
Second Person Fee$11,500$975

Assisted Living

Community Fee Starting at:Monthly Fees Starting at:
One Bedroom$2,500$7,320
One Bedroom with Den$2,500$8,620
Two Bedroom$2,500$10,305
Second Person FeeN/A$1,375

Memory Care

Community Fee Starting at:Monthly Fees Starting at:
Memory Care$2,500$10,305
Pet Deposit Fee$500N/A

Skilled Nursing

Community Fee Starting at:Daily Fees Starting at:
One BedroomN/A$525

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