Holly Creek Retirement Community Testimonials

Holly Creek Retirement Community testimonial

Don & Carol Furuta

“When we moved to Holly Creek we thought about what is visible, such as interiors, apartment layout, dining areas, which are all very nice but after living here for a year we have discovered what is most important is the people that live here and employees, who are all so considerate and kind who are at the HEART of Holly Creek. They make Holly Creek a special place in which to live.”

Jeanne Wilde

“Five years ago or so, my husband and I started doing in depth ‘Retirement Community Research,’ and as we compared them item by item, we found that Holly Creek offered more.”

Holly Creek Retirement Community resident testimonial
Resident Testimonial Holly Creek Retirement Community

Marge and Dave Vitale

“Loving our decision, without a doubt!”

Elaine Brennan

“If you are ready for living in a social community with ten-fifteen things to do every day, this is the place! I value the fact that if we need more service than we receive in independent living, it’s on-site whether it’s assisted, nursing care, or rehab. That is all important.”

Holly Creek Retirement Community testimonial
Holly Creek Retirement Community testimonials

Ed and Pat Van Bramer

“We thought we would cook, but great dining options and interesting table mates makes our cooking very infrequent. I just dust the stove.”

Ken and Cil Stenman

“We don’t want you to spend another winter in mountain snow.’ We loved our mountain home, but knew our kids were helping us face the need to move. Our two-bedroom apartment provides us the freedom to travel, enjoy meeting new friends and watch the snow falling in the courtyard outside our front window.”

Carol Hodges and Hugh Petrie

“When we started looking for a retirement community in 2012, we developed an extensive checklist to guide our decision. We looked for friendly residents and staff in a welcoming environment, well-designed apartments, a broad range of physical, intellectual, social and spiritual activities, excellent food with lots of eating options, and good transportation and varied excursions. Holly Creek received outstanding grades in every category. And as a bonus, it is one of the national Masterpiece Living communities. Masterpiece Living is a research-based program that promotes healthy aging in all the areas we had on our checklist. It seemed too good to be true, but in the six months we have been at Holly Creek, we have found that it really is that good.”

Lyrysa Smith

My mother is a new resident at Holly Creek and she loves it. As I was moving my mother into her new home, I discovered the trash drop room on her floor. To my delight, I saw and LOVED the Recycling signs that are used to at Holly Creek to help residents to recycle better, correctly, and more! They are terrific!! And I could witness that the recycling is actually being done very well at Holly Creek. I was thrilled to see that, as was my mother who is also now contributing her recycling in the correct way at Holly Creek.

I've been going through all kinds of trouble trying to get the residents where I live at a large condominium complex in Denver to recycle correctly. Then I realized that if I had attractive, catchy, effective signs like the ones at Holly Creek, then maybe, just maybe, I could get the residents at my condo complex to recycle as well as the residents at Holly Creek do.

I asked Marilyn Berry, Holly Creek's Sales & Marketing Director, and she reached out to the amazing Green Team at Holly Creek. I was sent the signs via email so that I can copy them and post them where I live. I can't wait! And I'm very hopeful that they will make a positive difference.

So my heartfelt thanks to the Green Team and everyone at Holly Creek for doing the right thing to make the world a better place, and for helping me to help make my corner of the world a bit better, too. Thank you, Holly Creek. We are together, acting locally and thinking globally.